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Speaking Engagements

Mark Deo and other SBA Network consultants are available for keynote presentations and other type of speaking engagements. Contact us online to ask about availability.

Keynote Addresses

Previous speaking engagements have included the following companies and organizations:

  • Ali Lassen's Leads Club International
  • American Honda
  • American Express
  • Bobit Publishing
  • Cedars Sinai Medical Center
  • Cambree Reality
  • Dale Carnegie Training
  • First Capital Financial
  • Nissan Motor Corporation
  • Tandy Corporation
  • Women's Bar Association
  • Many Chamber and Rotary chapters nationally

Corporate Workshops

We can also conduct half or full day workshop for corporate clients.

Topics include:

  • How to cut your ad budget in half
  • Out-marketing the competition with an exclusive claim
  • Learn to "attract more business" rather than chase after it
  • Win "Heart-share" rather than market or mind-share
  • Maximizing your emotional quotient
  • Leadership issues in the 21st Century

Chambers of Commerce

The fact is that 42% of all Chamber members allow their membership to lapse in the first year because they failed to "get business." This is an ineffective, self-serving attitude, but it is how most new members think. This leads to lack of participation by most, and eventually, a stagnating member base.

The role of the leadership of any chamber is to recruit, retain and create value for members. By providing educational, inspiring content you can motivate members to attend events, get involved and create change. The greatest benefit you can help your members achieve is to change their view of the chamber; teaching them how to properly utilize the available resources.

Chamber leaders are in the unique position of being able to help large numbers of small businesses with effective programming.

Mark Deo, a Dale Carnegie multi-course instructor for 13 years, is familiar with the problems Chambers face. He was a leader with the Torrance Chamber of Commerce for 7 years. He knows first hand that putting together quality events for members is a challenging task.

Here is a response from a participant at an event Mark facilitated earlier this year, in Kona, Hawaii for Christopher Howard, one of America's leading authorities on personal influence:

"I enjoyed the seminar overall, but Mark Deo's Attract More Business section was the best by far. It completely changed the way I look at building my business. I can't wait to get back home and put it into practice!"
-Teresa Keeler

Mark has talks prepared on the following subjects:

Social Media Use for Businesses- Social media is one of the easiest and fastest ways to reach out to prospects and customers. While many presentations get into the nuts ond bolts of how to integrate specific web technologies, Mark focuses on the big picture, helping business owners and managers to understand WHY social media is important and what should be done. Members will be able to construct a blueprint they can take to their webmaster to implement the techniques they learn about.

Become a big fish in a smaller pond- Proper target marketing is essential to the success of small businesses- in this presentation, Mark discusses how to best identify a target market, to become the ONLY solution that meets their needs. He includes handouts of his "Attraction Scorecard" to help the audience define their own target.

The problem is more important than the solution- Most marketing messages focus on talking about what companies DO, rather than what their prospects NEED. This presentation helps the audience learn how to change this, and includes handouts that illustrate this principle with before and after examples of ads.

Collaborate rather than compete- Far too often businesses fight with one another over the same customers, when they would be far better off finding a way to work together to capture greater market share as a whole. In this presentation Mark discusses the concept of "Co-opetition" and how to apply it to any business.

Reverse people's risk in changing- Change is the one constant in the business world. The pain of change is usually the greatest impediment to any business obtaining new clients. Mark helps an audience discover how to make the pain of change go away.

Mark can also develop a custom program for your event.

Contact us for more details.

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