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Mark has been involved in producing many commercials and short films, some of which may be seen below.


Movie Trailers

Slingblade- This trailer, staring Molly Ringwald, won Billy Bob the Sundance Film Festival Award for Best Trailer long before the movie hit the silver screen.


X Japan- This unique music video of the popular techno-rock band, X Japan was created on a shoestring budget prior to their accent to fame. We spent hours assembling royalty-free video footage from the Los Angeles Historical Archive with the only four-minute scene that we could afford to shoot. The results were stunning.



No-Choke- The No-Choke is a new product designed to eliminate problems with seatbelts, making them more comfortable.  This commercial achieves a professional look with a limited production budget.


Tony Bennett- Tony sings for Japanese TV ads.


Japanese ads- These ads were created for Japanese TV


Teletrac- This ad was created for a national TV campaign and for training purposes.

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