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The Rules of Attraction

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What people are saying about The Rules of Attraction

"The Rules of Attraction is a well researched, well articulated message for any business seeking to grow."
Christopher Howard, Bestselling author of Turning Passions Into Profits

"Business attraction is like emotional attraction. It is as much an art as it is a science."
Tim Sanders, Author of Love is the Killer App

"Mark Deo has latched onto one of the most powerful, practical, marketing systems that I have ever seen."
Morrie Shechtman, Author of Fifth Wave Leadership and Working Without a Net

gazelleImagine that you are a gazelle and you are face-to-face with a bloodthirsty, hungry lion.

What do you do?

Run like the wind - blood pumping in your veins - lungs nearly exploding. Run faster and harder with fear in your heart. You know that the lion will chase you until you tire and fall from exhaustion and then you will surely be devoured.

But wait, at the last second the lion is distracted by an older, slower, less agile gazelle. You escape as the lion is diverted. You live to see another day.

Later you are grazing on the same plain not fifty feet from the very same lion and her entire pride. The lions lick their chops. They are stuffed and tired from the hunt. But you and your gazelle pals are no longer afraid.

Why? Because the lion is no longer hungry.

The Attraction Mindset

Let's face it, no matter who or what you are, when someone is chasing you, your first impulse is to run.

I have found that people often feel like that gazelle. They feel like they are being hunted, stalked, and eventually chased down. It happens in personal relationships as well as in business. I guess that's because we are taught to act hungry. When we want something, we try to figure out how to go and get it.

What if we were able to break out of this paradigm? What if we were able to present our ideas or solutions in such a way that people sought us out, rather than us having to chase after them? What if we could apply this to marketing and motivate customers and prospects to choose our company, product or service over the competition? What if team members and business partners decided, on their own, that they WANTED to, "Do it the RIGHT way" rather than being told over and over again to correct their behavior?

How valuable would it be to your business if you could ATTRACT the right kind of employees, affiliate relationships and alliances? How about customers? Imagine attracting your ideal prospect without spending a dime on advertising or putting on a big sales pitch?

The Rules of Attraction

rules of attractionIn my new book, The Rules of Attraction, you will learn how to ATTRACT clients, employees, and affiliates. My book is filled with hands on, practical, exercises to walk you through the process of creating an attraction plan. Look for my new book in all major bookstores, and online at

Please explore this section of my website, and check back for upcoming video lessons on the Rules of Attraction, a forum for readers of the book to share their experiences, bonus content (including an entire extra chapter), and sample excerpts from the book.

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Table of Contents

  • Forward
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
    • The principles of attraction
    • The attraction mindset
    • Greed is good. NOT!
    • Creating attraction requires change
    • Attraction reduces friction
  • Rule #1: Become a bigger fish in a smaller pond
    • Ann the crab
    • Niche marketing don't work
    • Pick your turf and ensure dominance
    • The competitive landscape profile
    • CLP Example
    • Highly targeted efforts
    • How I found the GAP and narrowed my own market
    • Survival for start-ups
    • Personal action plan
  • Rule # 2: Make the problem more important than the solution
    • Become the problem
    • Communication breakdown
    • The four steps of problem-based attraction
    • Step 1: Problem identification
    • Step 2: Remove yourself from the solution
    • Step 3: Suggest an exclusive solution
    • Step 4: Test risk reversal
    • Personal action plan
  • Rule # 3: Create an exclusive community of super users
    • The "Passion"
    • Advertising doesn't work anymore
    • Creating "Buzz Agents"
    • A world now connected by super users
    • Hogwart or hogwash?
    • Suicide by marketing
    • More Choices Than Ever
    • Personal action plan
  • Rule # 4: Become the only solution
    • A question of positioning
    • The exclusive marketing position
    • Got Milk?
    • Develop your brand
    • Creating exclusivity for your business
    • EMP Worksheet
    • Breakthrough innovation
    • The innovation continuum
    • Memes
    • Personal action plan
  • Rule # 5: Reject strategically
    • Plotting your "Curves"
    • What's strategic about rejection
    • Not a numbers game
    • Reject or be rejected
    • Nice guys finish last
    • The proposal follow-up game
    • The ten absolutes of rejection
    • Personal action plan
  • Rule # 6: Give information away
    • Giving it away
    • Elephant comes to city hall
    • Lended credibility
    • Success on Death Row
    • Informational marketing
    • Formula for informational marketing
    • Personal action plan
  • Rule #7: Reverse people's risk
    • The envy of Hilary
    • Making application
    • Leveraging volatility
    • Free trials
    • Guarantees
    • Combination strategies
    • Personal action plan
  • Rule #8: Let design and color speak
    • Take a drink
    • Giant Brand, guerilla tactics
    • Design first
    • Design tells the story
    • Color branding
    • Selecting your colors
    • The problem with marketing design
    • Headlines
    • Design and layout 101
    • Recognizing what works
    • Advertising examples
    • Create your own ad
    • Personal action plan
  • Rule #9: Win heartshare
    • My friends say I'm crazy
    • Carving out a piece of your life
    • How sweet it is
    • Farewell old guard
    • Product marketing
    • Advertising misses the mark
    • Traditional financing
    • Recruitment
    • The intangibles of heart share
    • Personal action plan
  • Rule #10: Collaborate rather than compete
    • Corporate America is dying
    • What does the future hold?
    • Freedom, control and security
    • Loyalty and how it impacts you
    • Technological collaboration
    • Co-opepetition
    • Vendor supplier collaboration
    • Strategic alliances
    • The joint venture
    • Business within a business
    • Cross-marketing collaboration
    • Personal action plan
  • Rule #11: Who we are is more important than what we do
    • Character
    • Integrity
    • Vision
    • Enthusiasm
    • Selflessness
    • Identity
    • Personal action plan
  • Rule #12: Create standards and systems that nurture growth
    • Black bamboo
    • Surprise, surprise
    • Systemized marketing
    • The marketing cycle
    • Create interest
    • Get them on your list
    • Give something away
    • Leveraging curiosity
    • Personal Action Plan
  • Rule #13: Learn the discipline of testing
    • The Edsel
    • Using the Internet to test
    • A more traditional approach
    • Market perception profile
    • Sample market perception profile
    • Personal Action Plan
  • Rule # 14: Destroy your business
    • Cause and effect
    • It worked for the Romans
    • Attracting the future
    • Creating the attraction plan
    • Matching goals and objectives
    • The competitive edge
    • Personal action plan
  • Impacting Others with the Rules of Attraction
    • The two poles of attraction
    • Internal attitudes
    • External actions
    • Companies that have used the Rules
  • Marketing Attraction Assessment
  • About the Author
  • Business Attraction Resources
  • Free Bonus Material
  • Liner Notes

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